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Dorset Flock Competition

Northern Dorset Breeders Club Flock Competition 2014

I would like to thank all who entered the Flock Competition for their helpfulness, graciousness and hospitality. It has been very enlightening and informative to see your stock in its own environment.

I feel privileged to have been asked to carry out this pleasant task. I have seen different types of Dorset sheep, rams of differing shapes and sizes. Throughout I was looking for big, good, correct ewes who were good on their legs had good straight backs, good skins, with nice white faces and were true to breed type.

My Champion is the winner of the Large Flock, the Sandy Lane Flock of Sam Driver, his ewes were tremendous with good back ends, his ewe lambs terrific and also good stock tups. The final Wow Factor came from his horned ewes which were exceptional, a worthy winner!

My Reserve Champion and winner of the Small Flock is the Bennachie Flock of James Royan, his ewes were evenly matched, of very good structure, pleasant to look at and articulated well. His ewe lambs were excellent and also evenly matched, with a fantastic stock tup this made him a very, very close runner up.

I saw some stock tups which I would happily take home. My Champion is Edwin Pocock’s home bred, Hall Lane Panther, of exceptional type with good legs but most of all “meat” where it should be, he was a clear winner.

I have also made a special award to a young man who has shown enthusiasm and commitment to the Dorset Breed. Steven Cull of Gorgie City Farm Edinburgh. If ever you are in the area do call in there and see what can be done on 2 acres in the city centre, ¼ mile from Princes St!

Well done to all of you and thank you once again

Alec Steff
Waggoners Flock

Northern Dorset Breeders Club Flock Competition 2014 Results

Judge: Mr Alec Steff

Champion NDBC Flock: Sam Driver
Reserve Champion NDBC Flock: James Royan
Judges Special Award: Steven Cull, Gorgie City Farm

Ewes Ewe Lambs Flock Winners
1. James Royan 1 James Royan 1 James Royan
2. Alex Birch 2 Sheila Gray 2 Alex Birch
3. Sheila Gray 3 Alex Birch 3 Sheila Gray

Ewes Ewe Lambs Flock Winners
1. Sam Driver 1 Sam Driver 1 Sam Driver
2. Edwin Pocock 2 Karen Hodgson 2 Edwin Pocock
3. Karen Hodgson 3 Edwin Pocock 3 Karen Hodgson

1. Edwin Pocock (Hall Lane Panther)
2. James Royan (Sherborne Prince Regent)
3. Sam Driver (Sandy Lane T1071)