Dorset Flock Competition

Flock Competition 2013

Firstly we would like to thank everyone who entered the flock competition this year, making it a thoroughly enjoyable and educational process.  The generous hospitality we received during our week of travels was very much appreciated and to be able to sit down and discuss the breed with you all, was a real pleasure.

Judging the competition allowed us to see the breed all over the UK, from large commercial operations focused on better lamb production, to the smaller flocks where the sheep are almost part of the family! The factors each different flock has to contend with, in their own different environment and management situations, from poor windswept hill sides to lush clover meadows just shows the versatility of the breed.

From the outset we believed our scoring system had to focus on uniformity throughout the flock, correctness in stock rams and good Dorset type. Many of the flocks we saw were experimenting with different styles of ram in order to enhance certain traits and characteristics. Although beneficial in the long term in some cases resulted in progeny being a little inconsistent on the day. The 1st prize flocks from each of the categories tick all the boxes for the criteria we were looking for. Ross and Emma Sizmur’s Champion flock and 1st prize ewe lambs are as good an example of Poll Dorsets you will find anywhere.  A combination of top quality stock and ultimate presentation makes them worthy winners.

The Reserve flock from the Care Bros, were a very close second. Their flock ewes were some of the very best we saw during the week and are a result of the obvious careful selection of stock rams. Winner of the small category Stanbridge Mill, shepherded by Nicky Jesse, are a credit to her dedication and hard work. It was a pleasure to see such a quality run of Dorset Horn sheep.

Due to the nature of competition, not everyone can be prize winners but this should not discourage anyone from taking part. It provides an opportunity for judges and entrants alike to learn from different perspectives and ideas.  The quality of the stock we have seen throughout the competition has been tremendous and is a credit to you all and we’re sure many of the flocks that have missed out this time will feature heavily in the future.

Well done to all.

Sam Driver and Francis Fooks

2013 Flock Competition Results:

Champion Flock: Ross & Emma Sizmur, Rossiz
Reserve Champion Flock: V, P, M & A Care, Burhos

1st V, P, M & A Care - Burhos
2nd R & R Hole - Sherborne
3rd Jim & Joe Dufosee - Blackhill
1st Ross & Emma Sizmur - Rossiz
2nd Joe Larder - Byeways
3rd Ben Lamb - Richhill (NI)
1st Stanbridge Mill - Stanbridge Mill
2nd J B May & Son - Newtoncoombe
3rd Graham Cubit - Kildowney (NI)
Stock Rams:  
1st R & R Hole - Sherborne
2nd Stanbridge Mill - Stanbridge Mill
3rd Jim & Joe Dufosee - Blackhill
Ewe Lambs:  
1st Ross & Emma Sizmur - Rossiz
2nd Edwin Pocock - Hall Lane
3rd Stanbridge Mill - Stanbridge Mill

Best Shepherded Flock: Joe Dufosee - Blackhill
Petty France Award: Stanbridge Mill - Stanbridge Mill