Dorset Flock Competition

Dorset National Flock Competition 2019

We’d like to start by thanking our hosts for their generous hospitality and making this an experience we will never forget. It was a great pleasure to be able to speak to breeders about our breed in their home surroundings. This competition provides a fantastic opportunity for the judges to see Dorset sheep performing in every corner of the UK. A bumper number of entries for this year allowed us to see more than ever just how versatile Dorset Horn and Poll Dorsets really are.

Our Champion flock is the winner of the large flock category, the Burhos Flock from Matthew and Adam Care. From the outset we were looking for flocks with uniformity, good breed type and structural correctness across the ages. The Burhos flock are as good an example of a flock of Dorset sheep that any judge could wish to find. The adult flock was presented to us with horns and polls split. The ewes were powerful, with great breed type and great locomotion. A lovely bunch of ewe lambs and a tremendous group of stock rams made the Burhos flock a very worthy winner. We are also extremely pleased to be able to present Matthew and Adam with the Best Shepherded Flock award. Their obvious selection of quality stock rams and a keen eye for breeding are paying dividends in the flock. Their recognition of individual flock ewes and their performance was unrivalled. The Burhos flock also exhibited the Best Individual Stock Ram for 2019 in the form of Poorton Apollo. Purchased privately as a ram lamb, Apollo has an instant appeal from the second you walk in the field. A good mouth, great Dorset head and a good carcass make this ram one to watch.

The Reserve Champion flock is the Poorton flock from Fooks Bros. A great show of uniform sheep with great breed character across the board made this decision easier. The horn flock ewes and group of September poll ewe lambs were a standout from our visit to Poorton.

The first prize flock in the medium category is the Bamburgh flock belonging to Christina Johnson. Again, this flock showed excellent breed type and consistency. We noted the quality of conformation in the flock ewes was commendable and another lovely run of ewe lambs.

Our small flock category winners are Andrew and Caroline Kennedy, Maineview. Although relatively new to the breed, the Maineview flock has been selected carefully and boasts big powerful ewes, current breeding programmes show to be working well and there is a clear direction moving forward. The first prize group of ewe lambs belong to Shane Wilson of the Legaloy flock. From very early in the competition we knew these were the lambs to beat. Sired by two rams these lambs are like peas in a pod. These lambs have great style, breed type and were presented perfectly.

The Best Group of Stock Rams is awarded to R & R Hole, Sherborne. Consisting of ten aged rams and five ram lambs, mostly homebred, this group of rams were stand out winners. In our judging of the stock rams we wanted to see good mouths, structural correctness and breed type. This group of rams excelled in every aspect. Many of the stock rams we saw were being used to enhance certain traits which did leave some inconsistency in the progeny. However, seeing the stock rams and their progeny at Sherborne does show how important stock ram selection is.

We’d like to thank again everyone who took the time to prepare and show us their flocks. The standard of sheep we have seen is a credit to your hard work. Although not everyone has been placed this time around, please don’t let this discourage you from entering again. We’re certain you will feature heavily in future. Every farm we have visited had a vision of what they are trying to do with their flock, and it was great to see that passion. This competition is a great opportunity for both judges and exhibitors to learn more about our fantastic breed.

Sam Driver & Joe Larder

2019 Flock Competition Results | Judges: Mr Sam Driver & Mr Joe Larder

Champion: V P, M & A Care - Burhos
Reserve Champion: Fooks Bros - Poorton

Large Flock
1. V P,M & A Care - Burhos
2. Fooks Bros - Poorton
3. R & R Hole - Sherborne
4. J H Kemball & Son - Staverton

Medium Flock
1. Miss C Johnson - Bamburgh
2. Mr A Steff - Waggoners
3. Mr & Mrs T Pratt - Deben
4. Mrs M Walker - Dupin

Small Flock
1. A & C Kennedy - Maineview
2. Mrs S & J Gray - Burley
3. G & E Jones - Roci
4. Miss Z Wernham - Honeybottom

Ewe Lambs
1. Mr S Wilson-  Legaloy
2. V P, M & A Care - Burhos
3. Fooks Bros - Poorton
4. Miss C Johnson - Bamburgh

Group of Stock Rams
1. R & R Hole - Sherborne
2. V P, M & A Care - Burhos
3. Fooks Bros - Poorton
4. Mr A Steff - Waggoners

Individual Stock Ram
1. V P, M & A Care - Burhos - Poorton Apollo
2. Mrs S & J Gray - Burley - Poorton Z25
3. R & R Hole - Sherborne - Sherborne Zabaletta
4. Mr J Potter - Jackpot - Manor Croft X897
5. Mr A Morton - Stobilee - Ballytaggart Buster

Best Shepherded Flock : Matthew & Adam Care Burhos
Petty France Award: A & C Kennedy Maineview