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Dorset Flock Competition

Flock Competition 2016

We should never need an excuse to explore our amazing country – but in my case, I did! What a huge privilege to be able to judge our breed’s national flock competition and see some of the most beautiful countryside along the way.

We all talk about the breed’s versatility and its ability to thrive anywhere in the UK – well, we have been able to witness it and can confidently tell people they do!! Whether it was on the coast of Wales, the dry, light, sandy soils of the East or the wet, hilly ground of the North – the Dorset ewe will breed and do well.

The standard of all the flocks we saw was extremely high with each category strongly represented. It was, however, difficult to compare flocks that lambed at different times of the year – obviously heavy, in lamb ewes are looking at their best – having said that we saw some fantastic January/February born ewe lambs.

We were particularly impressed with the standard of the stud rams – teeth and feet were generally very good, both important for breeding sound ewes with longevity.

The overall result was very close, but this year’s Champion flock is the Byeways Flock of Joe Larder. We felt that his sheep in every category were so consistent and clearly a lot of hard work and effort had gone into them with day to day husbandry and breeding decisions. This is all done before going off to work and at weekends!

Can we take this opportunity to again thank everyone for their hospitality – you all made it an experience we will remember for a long time.

Rob, Alice & Sophie Hole

Judges: Robert & Alice Hole

Champion Flock: Joe Larder - Byeways
Reserve Champion Flock: Jim & Joe Dufosee - Blackhill

Large Flock
1st     Jim & Joe Dufosee - Blackhill
2nd     Fooks Bros. - Poorton
3rd     D W Rossiter - Huish

Medium Flock
1st     Joe Larder - Byeways
2nd     W & K Carson - Downkillybegs
3rd =     Mr & Mrs T Pratt - Deben
3rd =     Alec Steff - Waggoners

Small Flock
1st     J & C Robson - Ballyhamage
2nd     Mr & Mrs T Knox - Riverview
3rd     Stuart Alderson - Paddock Leach

Group of Stud Rams
1st     D W Rossiter - Huish
2nd    Joe Larder - Byeways
3rd     Jim & Joe Dufosee - Blackhill

Individual Stud Ram
1st     Alec Steff - Ballytaggart Walter
2nd     D W Rossiter - Downkillybegs Unique
3rd    Fooks Bros. - Blackhill Trident

The judges would also like to note:

Sam Driver - Sandy Lane Wotsit
E D & E S A Evans - Burhos Tyson
Jim & Joe Dufosee - Blackhill Ulrid
W & K Carson - Downkillybegs Taz

Ewe Lambs
1st     J & C Robson - Ballyhamage
2nd     Jim & Joe Dufosee - Blackhill
3rd     Joe Larder - Byeways

Best Shepherded Flock: Francis Fooks - Poorton
Petty France Award: Mr & Mrs T Knox - Riverview