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Dorset News:

Poll Dorset remain involved in RamCompare – winter update 2018

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New Estimated Breeding Values to help improve results

The value of investing in a ram with the right genetic merit for your system has been highlighted in results from the third year of the RamCompare project.

The project has identified that commercial producers can identify the most profitable rams for their production system by using Estimated Breeding Values (EBVs).

The latest results from the UK’s national progeny test now include new EBVs for traits like Days to Slaughter, Primal Yield and Tenderness.

RamCompare is a five year project that takes nominated Signet recorded rams from various Terminal Sire breeds and uses them on nine commercial farms in the UK. Three years in, the project has already tested 138 rams and over 12,000 of their progeny, one of the largest trials of its kind.

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The Breed Council acknowledge that some members may have inadvertently tagged their sheep for the 2018/2019 year with the year letter “C”, when it should be “B”.  It has been agreed at Council that if a year letter “B” is TATTOOED in the right ear of the sheep (looking at the sheep from tail to head), this will supercede a year letter “C” on the tag. 

IT IS REITERATED THAT THIS IS FOR THE 2018/2019 YEAR ONLY”.  There will also be a letter sent to all judges and inspectors informing them of this.

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