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Show Results

Stirling Show & Sale 2019

Judge: Mr Sam Driver

Breed Champion: A & C Kennedy
Reserve Breed Champion: Mr A Morton
Champion Male: Mr A Morton
Reserve Champion Male: D & D Rankine
Champion Female: A & C Kennedy
Reserve Champion Female: Mr A Steff
Best Dorset Horn Exhibit: C & J Driver


A & C Kennedy’s Overall Champion and Champion Female

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Bury Show 2019

(Any Other Native Breed)

Champion: Mr A Steff T65/A930 (Ewe)

Ram, any age: 1. Mr A Steff (M74/Z886)
Ram Lamb: 2. Mr A Steff (T65/B1104)
Ewe: 1. Mr A Steff (T65/A930)
Shearling Ewe: 2. Mr A Steff (T65/A988) 3. Mr A Steff (T65/A981)
Ewe Lamb: 1. Mr A Steff (T65/B1075)

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North Yorkshire Show 2019

(Any Native Breed)

Champion: Mrs S & J Gray (N21/A636)

Sheila Gray with the champion

Shearling Ram: 1. Mrs S & J Gray (N21/A636)
Ram Lamb: 2. Mrs S & J Gray (N21/B641)

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Royal Three Counties - National Dorset Show 2019

Judge: Mr Les French

Rich Rossiter & Alice with R & D Rossiter’s Interbreed Champion Pair

Interbreed Champion Pairs: R & D Rossiter
Breed Champion: R & D Rossiter
Reserve Breed Champion: Mr D Lewis
Champion Male: Mr D Lewis
Reserve Champion Male: Griffiths & Davies
Champion Female: R & D Rossiter
Reserve Champion Female: G & E Jones
Best Dorset Horn Exhibit: Messrs. Preece

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Lincolnshire Show 2019

(Any Other Native Breed)

Reserve Champion Female: H M Tickler

Ewe Lamb: 1. H M Tickler
Shearling Ram: 2. H M Tickler
Ram Lamb: 3. H M Tickler
Gimmer: 3. H M Tickler

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Ballymena Show 2019

From left, Gary Henderson, Judge, and Shane Wilson with the Champion

Northern Ireland | Judge: Mr Gary Henderson

Breed Champion: Mr S Wilson (Ewe Lamb)
Reserve Breed Champion: T & S Knox (Ram Lamb)

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