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Northern Ireland Flock Competition Results 2021

Judges: Mr Thomas Wright

Champion: S & S Lyons, Bencran
Reserve Champion: Miss L Weir, Lisnafillan
Best New Entrant: Mr M Reid, Gorey

Large Flock
1st   S & S Lyons - Bencran
2nd   Miss L Weir - Lisnafillan
3rd   B & J Moorhead - Briglands

Medium Flock
1st   Miss E McClure - Mountdale
2nd   Miss L Fulton - Whitehill
3rd   A & A Graham - Newparks

Small Flock
1st    Miss R Moore - Bannside
2nd    Mr M Reid - Gorey
3rd    A & A Armour - Woodvale

Group of Stud Rams
1st    B & J Moorhead - Briglands
2nd    Miss C McKeown - Ashvale
3rd    Miss L Weir - Lisnafillan

Individual Senior Stud Ram
1st    Miss C McKeown - Ashvale Bruno
2nd    B & J Moorhead - Beechmount Amaretto
3rd    S & S Lyons - Ballytaggart Big Bopper

Individual Junior Stud Ram
1st    S & S Lyons - Ballymaconnelly Ducati
2nd    Mr M Reid - Bencran Doubletrouble
3rd    Miss R Moore - Browndod Dean

Best entry of Ewe lambs
1st    Miss C McKeown - Ashvale
2nd    S & S Lyons - Bencran
3rd=    Miss L Weir - Lisnafillan
3rd=    Miss E McClure - Mountdale

Best Shepherded Flock – sponsored by T G Wright
1st    Miss L Weir - Lisnafillan
2nd    Miss E McClure - Mountdale
3rd=    Mr R McKeown - Ashvale
3rd=    Mrs J Moorhead - Briglands