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Show Results 2014

Chelford Show 2014

Champion with James Royan, & Judge, Iolo Davies

Champion with James Royan, & Judge Iolo Davies

Judge: Mr I. Davies

Champion: James Royan
Reserve Champion: Edwin Pocock
Male Champion: James Royan
Reserve Male Champion: Sam Driver
Female Champion: Edwin Pocock
Reserve Female Champion: A D Johnson
Best Pen of 5: A D Johnson

Shearling Ewe: 1st Edwin Pocock 2nd Thornbank Farms 3rd Sam Driver 4th Edwin Pocock 5th David Eglin
Ewe Lamb: 1st A D Johnson 2nd James Royan 3rd Sam Driver 4th Sam Driver 5th James Royan
Shearling Ram: 1st Edwin Pocock 2nd Sam Driver 3rd Alec Steff 4th Alex Birch 5th Edwin Pocock
Ram Lamb: 1st James Royan 2nd Sam Driver 3rd Mr & Mrs D Beeby 4th A D Johnson  5th David Eglin