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Flock Competitions

Northern Ireland Flock Competition 2017

Judges: Mr Robert Coulter & Mr Andrew Knox

Champion Flock: A & P McNeill - Kilvaddy
Reserve Champion Flock: Ken Thompson - Kirlish

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Northern Ireland Flock Competition 2016

Judges: Mr Ben Lamb & Mr Steven Lyons

Champion Flock: J & C Robson, Ballyhamage
Reserve Champion Flock: W & K Carson, Downkillybegs

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Flock Competition 2016

We should never need an excuse to explore our amazing country – but in my case, I did! What a huge privilege to be able to judge our breed’s national flock competition and see some of the most beautiful countryside along the way.

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Flock Competition 2015

Judges: Samuel & Elaine Caldwell

Champion Flock: R & R Hole Sherborne
Reserve Champion Flock: W & K Carson Downkillybegs

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