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Worcester Show & Sale 2014


The Dorset Horn/Poll Dorset Sheep Society’s official Show & Sale at Worcester again proved a successful and popular venue with females enjoying the strongest following but it was the Overall Champion, a Ram Lamb from David Rossiter’s Devon based “Huish” flock that took the top price of 530gns to J. Potter, Faringdon, Oxon.

Shearling Rams were also in the reckoning with the Reserve Overall Champion “Wilsey T544” from W.L. French, Launceston, Cornwall selling to 500gns to M.J. Thomas & Co, Swansea, Glamorgan.

Whilst the rams took poll position in terms of top prices it was the female entry that proved most popular amongst a very strong company of buyers. First prize winner in the Shearling Ewe section from Richard & Robert Hole’s “Sherborne” flock by the homebred sire “Sherborne Panache” out of a homebred ewe levelled at 420gns to Tim Pratt, Woodbridge, Suffolk. The Sherborne flock also had great success in the Ewe Lamb section again taking first prize and selling the “Huish Starlight” daughter for 380gns to M.J. Thomas & co, Swansea, Glamorgan.

David Rossiter’s “Huish” flock was very much in the fore in all sections, none more so than in the Shearling ewes with a top bid in that section of 410gns, the Ewe in lamb, scanned with twins, to “Granagh Nightrider” was secured by D. Beeby, Alderley , Cheshire, Mr Beeby taking several lots from the Huish consignment at 350gns, 300gns, 280gns, 260gns respectively.

A select consignment from Jim Dufosee “Blackhill” sold to a top of 360gns for the third prize Shearling ewes to A. Baker, Llanidloes, Powys.
The strongest entry in terms of numbers in the female section from W.L. French’s “Wilsey” flock was well rewarded with a total clearance and a top in the Shearling Ewes of 370gns to Windrush Farms, Bourton on the Water, Gloucestershire.

Averages were as follows:
30 Individual Shearling Ewes - £295.05
7 Individual Ewe Lambs - £270.00
8 Pens of Ewe Hoggets - £187.68
9 Pens of Ewe Lambs - £150.85
4 Shearling Rams - £420.00
4 Ram Lambs - £401.62

Auctioneers: McCartneys LLP, Worcester
Tel: 01905 769770


Judge: Mr Mark Hayman

Champion: D W Rossiter, A26/U06011
Reserve Champion: W L French D72/T544

Shearling Ram or over: 1. W L French, D72/T544 2. W L French, D72/T519 3. Mr E Pocock, P43/T194 4. Mr J Dufosee, D26/T746
Ram Lamb: 1. D W Rossiter, A26/U06011 2. Mr J Dufosee, D26/U331 3. Miss L Crowther, P85/U335 4. R & R Hole, 990/U2201 5. Mr Dufosee, D26/U241
Shearling Ewe or over: 1. R & R Hole, 990/T1687 2. W L French, D72/T563 3. Mr J Dufosee, D26/T16 4. Mr J Dufosee, D26/T15 5. W L French, D72/T484
Ewe Lamb: 1. R & R Hole, 990/U2004 2. Mr J Dufosee, D26/U310 3. J B May & Son, A21/U421 4. Mr J Dufosee, D26/U325 5. R & D Huxter, E4/U178