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Carlisle Show and Sale 2014

Thomas Wright (left) with Reserve Champion, Keith May (Centre), Judge, & William Carson (right) with Champion

Thomas Wright (left) with Reserve Champion, Keith May (Centre), Judge, & William Carson (right) with Champion


Northern Ireland breeder Thomas Wright secured the leading price of 1,400gns with his ram lamb entry Ballytaggart Unstoppable at the annual Dorset Society show and sale held Carlisle.

This December 2013 born lamb carries two consistant bloodlines of Ballytaggart Premium from his sire and the homebred mother line from Ballytaggart P220, a Lynx daughter. Unstoppable won the Reserve Male and Reserve Supreme Champion tickets at the pre-sale judging and was sold to Hugh Cory from the Vale of Glamorgan.

Following at 1,200gns was the days Male and Supreme Champion winner, a ram lamb from William & Karen Carson’s Downkillybegs flock based near Ballymena, Co.Antrim. Downkillybegs. Ulrich is a son of Oliver Tree Nik Nak who also bred the Female & Reserve Overall Champion at Carlisle in 2013. He also heads to the Vale of Glamorgan for Hugh Cory.

Also coming from the Ballytaggart pen was a lamb ram selling for 850gns. Ballytaggart Underestimated is a son of the flocks new stock ram Richhill Samson and was half brother to the 2013 Carlisle Champion Trojan. He caught the attention of M Care of Helston Cornwall.

Leading the female prices was a pair of gimmers from the Huish pen of David Rossiter from Devon with both selling for 600gns each. The first to sell was a homebred female by Hilltop Lloyd and bred from an Olivertree High Society sired mother. She heads to West Cumbria for Messrs Mawson of Seascale.

The second gimmer to sell was a Downkillybegs Humdiner sired daughter and out of a Huish Figaro bred mother. She sold in lamb to local interest G Kerr & Son of Wigton.

6 Ram Lamb - £792.75
1 Shearling Ram - £315.00
11 Ewe Lambs - £395.18
16 Shearling Gimmers - £345.84
59 Penned Females - £249.90
1 Non MV Shearling Ram - £630.00
2 Non MV Ewe Lambs - £199.50


Individual Shearling Ewes   AV PRICE GNS TOP PRICE GNS
D W Rossiter 5 av 430.00 600.00 MVA/SMN
Sam Driver 7 av 282.85 520.00 MVA
Thomas Wright 4 av 285.00 500.00 MVA
Individual Ewe Lambs        
Thomas Wright 4 av 350.00 500.00 MVA
James Royan 3 av 366.66 450.00 MVA
W & K Carson 4 av 410.00 420.00 MVA/SMN
Alex Birch 2 av 190.00 200.00  
Shearling Rams        
Alex Birch   600.00 600.00  
Edwin Pocock   300.00 300.00 MVA
Ram Lambs        
Thomas Wright 2 av 1125.00 1400.00 MVA
W & K Carson   1200.00 1200.00 MVA/SMN
James Royan 2 av 350.00 400.00 MVA
D W Rossiter   380.00 380.00 MVA/SMN
Poll Dorset Ewe Hoggets   £    
Brenda Wear P 400.00 1 pen MVA
Thomas Wright P 300.00 1 pen MVA
Poll Dorset Ewe Lambs   £    
James Royan P 280.00 1 pens MVA
Thomas Wright P 200.00-260.00 4 pens MVA
A D Johnson P 200.00 - 250.00 2 pens MVA
Edwin Pocock P 200.00 - 250.00 2 pens MVA
Brenda Wear  P 200.00 1 pen MVA
Marianne Sheed P 180.00 – 200.00 3 pens MVA