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Looking for winter lambing experience...

Dear Sir / Madam

I am writing to ask for advice about where I can get some winter lambing experience?

I am 33 and work full time in London but for the last two years I have taken annual leave to help two different farmers with their lambing in March (they are happy to provide references). I am competent and reliable, have grown up around horses and animals and I'm not a fair weather friend. I would like more lambing experience but the opportunity only really comes up once a year in spring and I am already booked in with farmers in Sussex and the Quantock Hills.

I thought that if I could provide weekend and/or night cover for someone who lambs in the autumn, that this would be a great way of getting more experience under my belt and so I started googling and came across this article

I am happy to be left alone whilst lambing and can usually spot when something is wrong but I'm no so confident dealing with complicated deliveries on my own. I am confident but not reckless and would need to know there was someone I could call or wake up if I wasn't sure.

If you think I might be of use to someone, please could you let me know how best to contact them?

I would be happy to drive c. 3-4 hours, from London every weekend for the duration of lambing.

Many thanks in advance for your help!

Kind regards

Lily Gray