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AHDB Sheep breeder questionnaire: Collecting measurements for data

Please excuse the circular email to Breed Society representatives and industry bodies, but I wonder if you could assist AHDB to publicise the following online questionnaire being produced as part of a follow up to the Genetic Review undertaken for AHDB by Abacus Bio. Within the review it was suggested that AHDB looked at the collection of data on new traits that could be beneficial to the sheep industry.

To assist our thought process we are asking any pedigree breeders with an interest in recording to provide us with feedback on the information they collect, may collect in the future or would value others collecting for the purposes of genetic analysis and making breeding decisions.

I understand you have communication channels with breeders through email newsletters, paper newsletters and your website – and on that basis I wondered if you could use these channels to bring this to breeders attention, with a view that we receive as much feedback as possible prior to a further workshop planned for 7th November 2016.

Obviously the more feedback we get from your breeders or members – the more we can tailor future AHDB activity, including recording systems, to their needs.

A link to the survey is provided here:

Paper copies can be downloaded from the above link or provided on request by phoning Tel: 0247 647 8834

The survey opened on  21st July will and close in two months on 21st September
Thank you for your assistance - Kim Matthews