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Flock Competitions

Flock Competition 2016

We should never need an excuse to explore our amazing country – but in my case, I did! What a huge privilege to be able to judge our breed’s national flock competition and see some of the most beautiful countryside along the way.

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Flock Competition 2015

Judges: Samuel & Elaine Caldwell

Champion Flock: R & R Hole Sherborne
Reserve Champion Flock: W & K Carson Downkillybegs

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Northern Ireland Flock Competition 2016

Judges: Mr Ben Lamb & Mr Steven Lyons

Champion Flock: J & C Robson, Ballyhamage
Reserve Champion Flock: W & K Carson, Downkillybegs

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Northern Dorset Breeders Club Flock Competition 2014

I would like to thank all who entered the Flock Competition for their helpfulness, graciousness and hospitality. It has been very enlightening and informative to see your stock in its own environment.

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