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Dorset News:

A Great Day Out at Glossop

As far as the eye can see

The Northern Dorset Breeders Club held their annual pre AGM farm walk at Sam Drivers Sandy Lane farm on Saturday 7th September. The weather forecast was poor, but after a dull, cool start, the sun came out in the afternoon as we toured around the widely dispersed land that the family farms.

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EBLEX BRP Improved Flock Awards 2013

Hall Lane Flock

Dorset sheep flock wins top award for genetic progress


Hall Lane Stock Ram – Ballytaggart Nijinsky


The Dorset sheep winner of the EBLEX Improved Flock Awards for 2013 is the Hall Lane Flock, owned by Edwin and Jenny Pocock at Totley Hall Farm, near Sheffield, South Yorkshire.

Organised through the Sheep Better Returns Programme, this award is presented to the English performance recorded flock that has shown the most impressive improvement in genetic merit over a 12-month period, within the breed.

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What an Outstanding Year for The Stanbridge Mill Flock Of Dorset Horns

Many of you will know Nicky Jesse for her expert preparation, showing and trimming skills. Nicky established the Tucker & Jesse flock, in partnership with her father in 1991. Nicky is also renowned for helping and teaching so many people how to trim and prepare their sheep for showing – all in the interest and to the benefit of the breed.

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N.S.A. North Sheep Harrogate

N.S.A. North Sheep Harrogate

Even though the weather was sunny and warm, a large crowd of farmers attended this event. It was too early for many of them to start either silaging or shearing so they had a good day out mixing business with pleasure. The business aspect revolved around a visit to the many trade stands, including a very informative EBLEX exhibition.

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